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Measuring Your Canopy


Measuring Instructions for: Shore Station & Lakeshore Canopy Aluminum Frames.

Length= Measure the 4” round side tube (without ends) and add 24”.

Ex: Side tube measures 20’, then add 24” to get 22’ length.

Width= Measure the INSIDE Width of canopy frame OR INSIDE width between boatlift uprights.

Shore Station Steel Frame

Measure the inside width of the bottom of the frame in inches. Next,

count the loose ribs of the frame(don’t include the ends). The number of

ribs correlates with a specific length as follows:

7 ribs — 19′

8 ribs — 21′

9 ribs — 23′

10 ribs — 25′

Example: The inside width measures 98″ and I have 8 loose ribs, so my

frame is 21′ x 98″


Measuring Instructions for: Shoremaster, Harbormaster rounded corners & Triton.

Length= Measure total OUTSIDE  length OR Side channel (without ends) and add 36”

Width= Measure INSIDE width of frame or INSIDE width of boatlift uprights


Frame Measuring instructions for:  Great Lakes, Hewitt Flat & Hewitt Flared Ends.

Length= Measure total OUTSIDE Length of canopy frame.

Width= Measure total OUTSIDE Width of canopy frame.


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