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Measuring Your Canopy

Measuring Instructions for: Shore Station & Lakeshore Canopy Aluminum Frames. Length= Measure the 4” round side tube (without ends) and add 24”. Ex: Side tube measures 20’, then add 24” to get 22’ length. Width= Measure the INSIDE Width of

Spring has Sprung!

It’s going to be a record breaking spring due to most Midwest lakes being ice-free. The docks and Boat Lift Canopies will be going in soon. If you have been pro-longing the life of your boatlift canopy and really need

Weathermax Fabric Shrugs Off Winter’s Worst

Left exposed to winter weather, most coated fabrics are liable to stiffen and crack, particularly when the fabric moves or is folded in freezing temperatures.  Frigid conditions present no challenge for rugged WeatherMax fabric by Safety Components.  It undergoes no

WeatherMax outdoor fabrics now more eco-friendly

WeatherMax outdoor fabrics now more eco-friendly Specialty Fabrics Review | April 2012 WeatherMax fabric is now more eco-friendly. The new HydroMax finish uses C6 chemistry; traditional C8-based finishes have detectable amounts of PFOA, a carbon-chain solvent used in non-stick cookware.