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Quality & Durability

Dependable long-lasting protection for your boating investment. ShoreTex Boat covers are made with quality foremost in mind. It is our goal to provide you with durable, well-constructed and superior fitting boat covers.


We mean a true custom fit! Each ShoreTex custom boat cover begins with an experienced pattern and design team measuring a specific boat make and model.
Please note : This cover does not accommodate T-tops, hard tops, radar arches, ski towers or tow bars.


We know what boat covers are exposed to and ShoreTex custom boat covers are built tough to help withstand the punishment of the outdoors and provide years of protection for your boat.


 Model   Year 
 Sea Hunt 175 Escape  6-Feb 
 Sea Hunt 186 Escape  10-Mar 
 Sea Hunt 188 Escape LE  14-Dec 
 Sea Hunt 200 Escape  9-Mar 
 Sea Hunt 211 Escape LE  18-Dec 
 Sea Hunt 22 Navigator  4-Mar 
 Sea Hunt 220 Escape  10-May 
 Sea Hunt 225 Victory  14-Jun 
 Sea Hunt 234 Escape LE  14-Dec 
 Sea Hunt BX 21  9-Aug 
 Sea Hunt BX 22  19-20 
 Sea Hunt BX 24  12-Oct 
 Sea Hunt BX20  20-Dec 
 Sea Hunt BX22  14-Dec 
 Sea Hunt BX22  15-18 
 Sea Hunt RZR 22  16-17 
 Sea Hunt Triton 172  8-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 172 w/Bow Rails  8-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 177  14-Nov 
 Sea Hunt Triton 186  10-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 186 w/Bow Rails  10-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 188  14-Nov 
 Sea Hunt Triton 188  15-18 
 Sea Hunt Triton 202  7-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 202  14-Aug 
 Sea Hunt Triton 202 w/Bow Rails  7-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 207  10-Jun 
 Sea Hunt Triton 210  20-Sep 
 Sea Hunt Triton 212  6-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 212 w/Bow Rails  6-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 220  10-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 220 w/Bow Rails  10-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 232 w/Bow Rails  6-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Triton 232  6-Apr 
 Sea Hunt Ultra 186 CC  10-Aug 
 Sea Hunt Ultra 196 CC  10-Aug 
 Sea Hunt Ultra 196 CC  20-Nov 
 Sea Hunt Ultra 210 CC  11-Aug 
 Sea Hunt XP 19  14-Oct 
 Sea Hunt XP 21  14-Oct 
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*Covers do not accommadate hard tops or T-tops.
Please Note: This cover does not accommodate T-Tops, Radar arches, Tow Towers or Tow bars.